EnvisionRecruit & A.I.T., Commercial Section: 
Agent Workshop


Once again, EnvisionRecruit with the support of American Institute in Taiwan, Commercial Section, * will organize an Agent Workshop to promote higher education in the U.S. and help U.S. education institutes connect to Taiwanese study abroad agents.

Taiwan 's Agency Market 
Taiwan's agency is highly fragmented! There are 300+ agents in Taiwan. The implication is that No agent has significant market share in Taiwan. To recruit effectively in Taiwan, schools need to take a "long-tail" approach to working with agents. Instead of working with just a few key agents, schools must cast a wide net to reach all active agents to get a stable number of students per year.   

EnvisionRecruit's Unique Agent Workshop Format
  • Multi-school event: Each school is given approximately 30 minutes to give a presentation to the agent participants and is given another 15 minutes for Q&A. 
  • Networking lunch: Schools will be seated strategically to agents so that they can meet a broad range of agents and can network with agents in a culturally meaningful way. In Asia, especially in the Chinese-speaking regions, business networking works best over meals.
Time: 9:30am~5pm, Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Price: USD 2,500
Early bird discount by January 30th, 2015-- 10% off
Package discount for all five events: 10% off (This could be combined with early bird discount, which is 20% off.)

All the above price include:
  • 30 minutes for presentation & 15 minutes for Q&A
  • On site translation
  • Domestic transportation (if travelling to multiple cities)
  • Venue, Networking lunch and refreshments
  • Event related coordination and promotion
  • 1-page overview of participating school translated into local language
  • A copy of the contact information for all participants
 Important note: There is a limit to the number of participant schools. For this event, the number of participants is capped at 12 and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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*Under the auspices of the American Institute in Taiwan, the AIT Commercial Section is in essence the U.S. Department of Commerce’s overseas branch office in Taiwan.  A.I.T supports U.S. companies to build and expand U.S. business in Taiwan.