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Recent trends in the outbound student market in Taiwan.

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Taiwan: “Visa waiver could benefit US ELT”

 A Trusted Agency for Almost 20 Years

The Envision Study Group has been a trusted agent since 1996, we are experienced in sending students abroad, and specializes in market research as well. Over the years, we see the need to connect more schools to agents, and it is obvious that face to face meetings are essential in forging meaningful relationships. There are still a large number of schools that are not aware of the success they can have by collaborating with agents, or only have a handful of agents that are not sending students. We can help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

60% of Asian students use agents.


We assist you 100% from beginning to end, with translations, interpretations, coordination, and follow  up services.


We keep the number of participating schools below 10, any more, would not be conducive to creating meaningful relationships. A workshop should be a small, intimate and relaxed affair and not a huge, impersonal, corporate meeting. With 50 minutes per presentation, and 5 minutes breaks in between.


We include networking cocktails and a networking lunch so that you can also network in a less formal environment. All of our events are free for participating agents.


AWA Taiwan
Meet with agents from the 3 largest cities in Taiwan- Taipei, Kaohsiung, & Taichung!
The agency business is highly fragmented in Taiwan, it is best to have access to as many agent possible. We have 300+ plus active agents in our database, that we will gladly share with you!

AWA Thailand
We will coordinate workshops in Bangkok every quarter!
More and more students are studying in Thailand each year, as well as budding agencies. Present to agencies and put your School/Program on the map through our connection!

AWA Vietnam
Don't know where to start in Vietnam? Don't worry we can provide you with all the information you need!
We plan on hosting AWA workshops in Vietnam, where we have gathered 300+ active agencies in our database. 

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